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Michelle Fauver, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty


  • Ph.D., Transpersonal Psychology, 2011, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • M.S., Transpersonal Psychology, 2011, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • B.S., 2005, Health Psychology and Spirituality, Bastyr University


Michelle Fauver, Ph.D., is  a professor and researcher at the California Institute for Human  Science, California Institute of Integral Studies, and John F. Kennedy  University.

After early work as a paramedic, she began practicing alternative  healing modalities, becoming a massage therapist, energy healer, and  spiritual healer. She opened an alternative healing center, which grew  to have offices in three towns, each associated with a conventional  medical center. More of her formative trainings include living in a  Native American community in Colorado while serving as an apprentice to  their spiritual leader, and training for the priesthood in a mystical  Christian order. She returned to school as an adult and earned a double  major B.S. from Bastyr University in Health Psychology and Spirituality,  and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in  Psychology. Her dissertation study on a psychospiritual intervention  for women with breast cancer yielded seven dissertations and found  physical, mental, and spiritual health improvements.

She has a certification in Mind Body  Medicine from Harvard University, with additional coursework and  certifications in statistics, integrative medicine, research methods,  and research management from Stanford University. She has lectured and  done NIH-funded research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine,  where she was founding director of the Integral Health Research and  Education program.

Dr. Fauver’s teaching focuses on integrative medicine, exceptional human  experiences, health education, research methods, consciousness studies,  and psychology. She recently completed a three-year study on the  influence of electromagnetic fields on psychic performance, and  correlations between psychological characteristics and psychic  performance, funded by the Bial Foundation in Portugal.

Research interests:
What are the implications for health care if we accept converging  evidence from modern physics and ancient wisdom traditions that  consciousness is primary, preceding and giving rise to physical form?

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