Hope Phillips Umansky, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer
Dean of Academic Affairs
Director of Psychology Programs

In a rapidly changing global world where social and personal fragmentation often results in dysfunction, CIHS recognizes the importance of integral studies in psychology, health, and spiritual programs. The Institute’s programs reflect our forward thinking and progressive vision of building a holistic, integrative model of psychology that honors the dynamic interaction between mind, body, and spirit.


In this current culture of increased awareness and change toward higher consciousness, CIHS believes that there is a role for a strong clinical psychology program that integrates new beliefs about consciousness and holistic mind/body/spirit energy psychology. Our psychological practitioner training and education acknowledges this crucial blend of Eastern and Western science and philosophy in creating well-rounded and progressive graduate programs in psychology that can lead to licensure, if that is the path the student desires.


CIHS’ programs provide students with opportunities to explore the multiple important dimensions of human well-being and spirit by giving students the freedom to specialize in any one of the three areas of functioning that impact health and mind/body/spirit wellness. Students are supported in their learning by student-centered faculty with expertise in clinical psychology, mind/body/spirit psychology, and consciousness studies.


We warmly invite any likeminded students to experience the innovation of an integrated clinical psychology program with holistic mind/body/spirit emphasis. CIHS is involved in groundbreaking research in mind-body and subtle energy which psychology students are free to explore in individualized programs designed to meet their specific needs and interests within the field. We are a progressive and forward thinking institution that believes that psychologists who believe in the subtle energies and energy psychology are the future healers as the culture shifts toward consciousness.


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