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CIHS Enlighten and Flow is Medicine Presents:
Cultivating Resilience in Stressful Times: Principles & Practice of Osteopathic Self-care 

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January 26 — April 22, 2023 
Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30 — 7pm Pacific 
Saturdays 10:30 — 11:30 Pacific

Welcome Doctors, Wellness Practitioners & Health Seekers

Could you have more passion, more power, more safety, and more capacity to serve

from a highly resourced place?

You’re invited to join me for a deep, pleasurable dive into the

foundational principles of osteopathic medicine.

This healing and learning experience is intended to support you as you amplify your personal energy, and create a more fulfilling work and life experience.

We are born inspired, creative and wired for healing and service.

Osteopathy and nature have shown me that caring for ourselves meaningfully is as simple and pleasurable as returning to native ways, and that we’re already experts. 

Though aligning with nature and sourcing osteopathic wisdom, it is possible to maintain a full life AND: 

🌟 Restore joy and pleasure to their rightful place as the primary focus of your life

🌟 Leave behind “survival mode” and train your nervous system to rest and digest

🌟 Heal your body, and improve balance and tone

🌟 Increase our energy, empathy, creativity and passion

🌟 Let go of guilting yourself about exercise and practices

🌟 Enjoy more fulfilling communication and connection


Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh said,  

“. . . when the crowded refugee boats met with storms or pirates, if everyone panicked, all would be lost. But, if even one person stayed calm, it was enough.”

These perilous times call for the wisdom of osteopathy, and the renewal and rediscovery of healing as nature intended.

Your Guide:

Dr. Michelle Veneziano is a family physician, intuitive, and adjunct clinical professor at Touro University in Northern California. 

Her approach to osteopathic medicine is rooted in Cranial Osteopathy, a hands-on, evidence-based therapeutic practice that sources both western & eastern philosophies to support the body’s ability to heal itself. 

She shares practices and insights for awakening the healer that resides within each of us, connecting with who we really are, and for living in alignment with nature.

“Having restored balance and joy to my life, I am committed to supporting colleagues, students, patients and fellow empaths on the path to growth and transformation.”

— Michelle Veneziano, DO


This healing & learning adventure is for you if . . .

🌟 You are open to healing through intuition and energy

🌟 You find it difficult to devote enough time to self-care

🌟 You have a daily practice and want to go deeper

🌟 You are seeking to land more squarely in your purpose

🌟 You are curious about how osteopathic medicine & craniosacral principles can support

healing and transformation

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