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Webinar: Light & Sound Series - Light & Sound in Ancient Times




1 Session

Course/Certificate Details

Sound and light has been used for TENS OF THOUSANDS of years. We have “altered” NATIVE medicine that was used successfully in Greece, Egypt, Tibet, Australia, Chinese and many more cultures. Have you ever wondered how the ancients used sound and light for healing?

We use the term sacred geometry to define shapes in nature that occur naturally. Nature didn’t see these shapes as sacred, they saw them as essential to their survival. Bees use the hexagon for their hives as they

intuitively know its power for healing and efficiency in the hive. Minerals / crystals in their natural forms have sacred geometric shapes. Nature conspires each and every day to support our healing and the planet.

How did the ancients heal from broken bones, sickness and disease using the Sun and Sound?

We have seen rattles, bowls and flutes in museums and are told they were baby toys or used for entertainment. Are they correct? What if they were used for HEALING?

In this class you will learn specific ways sound was used for healing, what type of instruments the ancients used and how they worked with light and sound.

If you are curious on how wave forms of instruments, sacred geometric shapes and colors can help the body to heal then you won’t want to miss this presentation.

Course Requirements

A teachable spirit, a curious mind and a passion for health and well-being.

Participant Learning Outcomes

Help yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge you gain from this course.

• There are non-invasive ways to heal using simple methods.

• Inspiration will come to you as you open your eyes and “see” what was always there to support you.

• Empower yourself with tools to achieve higher levels of wellness.

Presenter Bio

Gail Lynn, is a rebel, visionary and weaver of information. As a published author and the inventor of the Harmonic Egg™, Gail is highly sought after speaker and podcast guest on the topic of sound and light as a therapy. As Chief Egg Guardian, she was at the forefront of sound and light therapy. With over 20 years as an entrepreneur and successful careers in automotive, telecommunications and Hollywood, Gail watched her family fall ill and pass on from obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, lung disease, medical errors and addictions. After overcoming her own health challenges with migraines, toxic poisoning and cardiovascular stress, Gail is now leading the way in the sound and light industry, building a community of experts to assist people in reaching levels of wellness they wish to achieve via the use of sound and light.

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