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Webinar: Light & Sound Series - Brain Entrainment




3 Sessions

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Course/Certificate Details

Changing our brain waves frequencies with sound is called Brain Entrainment. By measuring the impact of sound on our brain waves, the frequencies that vibrates inside the brain while we listen to various sounds, scientists can now validate that indeed various sound waves have various impact on our brain. In this course we will explore how composers use particular sound frequencies and music to modulate the brain requisiteness in order to affect our moods, inner imagery and emotions; what kind of Brain Entertainment music may be used to achieve improved health, well-being, deep sleep and relaxation. Along with theory, the course will include particular experiential learning on your own which may enrich your life, and contribute to increased sense of inner peace, improved health and wellbeing.

Course Requirements

1. Spending 45 min , once a week, listening to a provided music track, in good headphones that can produce frequencies 20hz-20Khz ( which is the standard range of most normal headphones). Such listening have to be done while resting, and not while doing another activity.

2. Be able to download and playback a 45 min long music track in wav. Format (high resolution audio – not mp3.)

Participant Learning Outcomes

1. Become knowledgeable about the impact of sound on the brain and the various qualities of music tracks that may affect your mood and thoughts.

2. Learn how to choose and use Brain Entrainment music tracks that may improve the quality of life, by contributing to improved sleep, relaxation, improved immune system functioning, and reduced anxiety.

Course Schedule:

Session 1:

November 2nd, 2021

6pm – introduction to Brain Entrainment and Brain Waves frequencies

6:30 – Exploring Isochronic Beats

Session 2:

November 9th, 2021

6pm – The theory of Hemi Sync Sound and Binaural Beats

6:30pm – Exploring Binaural beats tracks for Alpha and Beta

Session 3:

November 16th, 2021

6pm – Exploring Binaural Beats for Theta and Delta

6:30 – Exploring Binaural Beats for Gamma

Presenter Bio

Yuval Ron is an award-winning composer who has been involved in the world of music therapy since a commission in 1990 from researcher Robert Monreo of the Monroe Institute for hemi sync music composition using binaural beats. He has collaborated with neuroscientists Mark Waldman, Andrew Newburg to explore the connection between sound and the brain, and with pioneer healers Gail Lynn and Dr. Richard Gold and Metta Mindfulness Music to create music for medical and healing use in clinics and treatment centers worldwide.

Yuval has been invited to speak at numerous schools, including: Yale, John Hopkins University, UCLA, Middlebury College, MIT, Berklee College of Music, University of Chicago, and many others. Yuval’s book, Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom, won a Gold Medal Award in the “Best Book in Spirituality” category at the Indie Book Awards in 2015. He has composed scores for PBS Nova documentaries, such as Breaking the Maya Code; art house films, such as Proteus, and scores for site-specific installations at the Getty Museum, Japan America Center, LAX, Lauren Bon’s Farm Lab and more. Yuval has taught in numerous schools and institutions, including Yale, John Hopkins University, UCLA, MIT, Middlebury College, Berklee College of Music, University of Chicago, Esalen Institute, and has given keynote addresses at the Pacific Conference of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, and at the Quantum Institute in New Delhi, India.

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