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Online Certificate: Past Lives, Karma, and Reincarnation




6 Weeks

Course/Certificate Details

Between spiritually awakened mystics, scientific observation and written/oral traditions of ancient cultures, the idea of ‘past lives and karma’ and the survival of consciousness from life to life has fascinated seekers.

Dr. Jelusich will be exploring several viewpoints; awakened spiritual teachers who have passed on esoteric knowledge for generations, clinical work in the field, scientific research and his own observations of past lives from more than 34 years of spiritual consultations worldwide.

Attendees will be doing experiential work in determining their own past lives and karma as well as understanding how one’s karma affects this lifetime and the development of one’s character in a given lifetime. Attendees will be able to utilize experiential course practicum to support their expanded awareness, beyond just absorbing the lecture material.

Incorporated in the series is Dr. Jelusich’s 27 years of experience in teaching past lives, karma and reincarnation in the U.S. and Canada as well as many spiritual counseling sessions regarding past lives and past life events relative to this one.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded by CLL at the end of this course. This course is a distillation of Dr. Jelusich’s extensive research, teachings and spiritual counseling.

How is this Course Different from an Academic course at CIHS?

Past Lives, Karma and Reincarnation (PLKR) is offered as a community service through CIHS’ Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL). Whether you are a practitioner of healing arts or would like personal spiritual development, learning about the ontology of PLKR will offer you a much deeper look into the nature of the human being, the survival of consciousness and the reality of many lives but one spirit. PLKR is offered as a Certificate course through CLL under the direct teachings of Dr. Richard Jelusich.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded from CLL at the end of this course. What can you do with this Certificate? The Certificate does not confer the recipient any practitioner status under CLL. Rather, it represents significant achievement (the second CLL has awarded; the first was Dr. Jelusich’s 8-week course on Psychology of the Chakras) that the participant has successfully completed all 6 levels of Dr. Jelusich’s direct teachings and practicum.

We focus much more on practical application and Dr. Jelusich’s teachings on PLKR than on the breadth of academic literature in the field as you would in an academic scholarly course. Following the path of this course, you will experience qualitative shifts in your awareness and comprehension of ‘the whole human being’ as it relates to karma, past lives and reincarnation.

The focus of learning in this course is heavy on practicum and discourse, immersing the participant in the reality of PLKR and providing a powerful measure of qualitative development opportunities throughout the 6-week course.

You’ll also learn valuable clearing and cleansing skills, so as not to ‘take on’ or create more karma for yourself or the constellation of your relations.

Course Requirements

  1. This is a CIHS Community Education event and is open to all. There are no prior requirements, as Dr. Jelusich will lead you through an understanding of past lives, karma and reincarnation, the reason for causation, how the ‘seeds of karma’ will sprout in a given lifetime, how you are well-equipped to dissolve your karma and the major forms of karma. Included will be a discussion and practicum on tools and techniques to live a life that generates the least possible karma, including meditation exercises.

  2. There will be time for Q&A each week.

Course Structure – Each Part will follow:

  • Short Meditation

  • Lecture/PowerPoint on Topics

  • Interactive Discourse, your participation welcome!

  • Practicum: exercises, homework designed to enhance your intuitive faculties!

  • Certificate of Completion through CLL at end of course

Recommended Reading

Karma and Reincarnation. Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D., Ph.D. 145 pages. Avon Books, New York, NY ISBN 0-380-77213-2

Exploring Reincarnation: The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-Life Experiences, Hans Ten Dam, ISBN: 978-1-300-48114-0

There are many more books on this subject! Just ask!

Having read “Karma and Reincarnation” by Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D. will be most helpful.

Presenter Bio

Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

Dr Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., was one of the first three students when CIHS opened its doors in 1992; throughout the past three decades, Dr. Jelusich’s work with the Institute has continued to evolve. He served as Dean of Administration in 2005, adjunct faculty, board member (since 2006), and now CIHS lead faculty and board chair. He has taught several notable courses at CIHS, such as Motoyama Philosophy and Practice; series on The Mayan Calendar and Nature Spirits; Psychology of the Chakras; and, most recently, Introduction to Integrative Chakra Therapy.

Dr. Jelusich is a gifted intuitive spiritual counselor/energy healer, author of books on the chakras, professor, experienced international speaker, and ordained minister. With over 30 years in the field of spirituality and the study of metaphysics, he now dedicates his life to those on a quest for self-empowerment through education, science, demystifying metaphysics, and assisting individuals to honor their natural gifts and inner truths.

As one who understands we are all luminous beings of light experiencing a physical existence, Dr. Jelusich uniquely blends and integrates his knowledge of biofield energy, spirituality, and science into all his public speaking events and workshops. He has led conferences in several countries, and has guided seekers on many journeys through Central America to study Mayan Culture. He presently leads a very active healing practice with clients worldwide. Dr. Jelusich is the founder of Light News Institute and a transformational biofield energy course called Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT). He has over 500 ICT students and graduates in the U.S. and Canada, which is continually expanding.

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