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Online Certificate: Introduction to Integrative Chakra Therapy




4 Weeks

Course/Certificate Details

Whether you are a practitioner or seeking spiritual development, this four-part series is for you. The actual practice of this work awakens the practitioner by the way it is designed. This four-part series provides a great foundation in the understanding, philosophy, and experience of subtle energy medicine (Integrative Chakra Therapy®, or “ICT”), a chakra-based form of healing work founded by Dr. Richard Jelusich.

Please note: Dr. Jelusich will not be teaching any healing techniques, but rather exercises and sensing techniques. To learn the practice of ICT, please consider enrolling in the 2+ year course taught by Dr. Jelusich and his instructors.

Included are discussions, demonstrations, and practicums on subtle energy healing. Participants will have a greater understanding of the chakra system and the biofield with respect to how subtle energy flows. This course will offer you the grounding information to continue studies as a trained practitioner.

This Introductory course offers:

1. A grounded understanding of the entire chakra system 2. Understanding on how using the chakra system can be assessed as to the four archetypes of the whole human being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 3. How to allow Divine Energy to flow (a). as conduits, (b).

By not imparting any of their personality, to the person seeking healing. Because the chakra system exists beyond the limits of time and space, distance is no factor – so participants can learn effectively the basic principles of ICT online.

Participants are immersed in an interactive environment of lecture, slides, discourse and personal practicum of inner reflection where they will comprehend how subtle energy healing works, how the chakras affect the four archetypes of the whole human being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and to possibly even comprehend the character of a person in a given lifetime.

Incorporated in the series is Dr. Jelusich’s over 20 years of teaching students ICT in the U.S. as a 19 Level course that requires almost 3 years of study and practice.

How is this Course Different from an Academic course at CIHS?

Introduction to Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT) is offered as a community service through CIHS’ Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL). Whether you are already a practitioner of healing arts or would like personal spiritual development, learning and experiencing the power of ICT offers you a rich bounty of inner comprehension and awareness of the true character of the whole human being as a spirit that has a physical presence, creating an integration of mind-body-spirit. Introduction to ICT is offered as a Certificate course through CLL under the direct teachings of Dr. Richard Jelusich.

We focus much more on inner practical skills and application and Dr. Jelusich’s over 20 years of teachings on ICT (with over 500 graduates and students in the U.S. and Canada) than on the breadth of literature and research in the field as you would in an academic scholarly course. Following the path of this course, you will experience qualitative shifts in your awareness and comprehension of ‘the whole human being’ as it relates to subtle energy medicine, as the power of healing flows through (but not from) your chakra centers.

The focus of learning in this course is heavy on personal inner reflection and discourse, immersing the participant in the reality of ICT subtle energy medicine and providing a powerful measure of qualitative development opportunities throughout the 4-week course.

You’ll also learn valuable clearing and cleansing skills, so as not to ‘take on’ or create more karma for yourself or the constellation of your relations.

Course Requirements

1. This is a CIHS Center for Lifelong Learning community education event and is open to all. There are no prior requirements, as Dr. Jelusich will lead you through an immersive understanding of the benefits of ICT as a subtle energy medicine, its philosophy and practice. Included will be discussion and practicum on tools and techniques to enhance your intuitive faculties and comprehend higher levels of reality beyond the five sense perceptions.

2. There will be time for Q&A each week.

Course Structure – Part 1-4:

· Short Meditation

· Lecture/PowerPoint on Topics

· Interactive Discourse, your participation welcome!

· Practicum: exercises, homework designed to enhance your intuitive faculties!

· Certificate of Completion through CLL at end of course

Participant Learning Outcomes

1. Have a deeper comprehension of subtle energy healing, the human biofield and the nature of the “whole human being” (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

2. Have a greater depth of knowledge of the mind-body-spirit as it relates to spiritual teachings of what ICT represents.

3. Enjoy a greater awareness of how healing works from the spiritual level, and of higher states of consciousness and realms of reality

4. Be aware of the twofold method of ICT that when applied, awakens the participant by the method employed in subtle energy medicine.

5. Gain awareness of both non-local and local reality of individuation existing simultaneously

6. Have a greater understanding and awareness of the connectedness of all things

7. Benefit from several techniques and exercises to stimulate and integrate the essence of subtle energy medicine

8. Benefit from qualitative shifts in awareness

Integrative Chakra Therapy® Course at a Glance

Part 1, October 5 – Introduction to Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT) as viewed through: Biofields – Energy Medicine – Energy Psychology

Part 2, October 12 - The Chakra system, Dominant Chakras and Consciousness of healing

Part 3, October 19 - The Mechanics of healing work

Part 4, October 26 - The Total Healer, putting it all together

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded by CLL at the end of this course. This course is an introduction to Dr. Jelusich’s (19 Levels, almost 3 years) Integrative Chakra Therapy® school under his Light News Institute, and his extensive work in subtle energy healing for over 30 years and his theory on dominant chakras. Incorporated in the series is Dr. Jelusich’s over 20 years of teaching students ICT in the U.S. as a 19 Level course that requires almost 3 years of study and practice.

What can you do with this Certificate?

The Certificate does not confer the recipient any practitioner status under CLL. Rather, it represents significant achievement that the participant has successfully completed all 4 levels of Dr. Jelusich’s direct teachings and practicum in comprehending Introduction to ICT. Upon completion those interested can continue their study and transfer the certificate to the Integrative Chakra Therapy® program as partial credit.

*Cancellation Policy for Advance Purchase - Full Certificate of Completion Series. Cancellation 1 week before the webinar series participants are refunded the fee paid less 20% administration costs. Cancellation 2 days before the webinar series participants are refunded 50% of the fee paid. No refunds for cancellation 24 hours before the webinar series or no show.

Presenter Bio

Dr Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., is the founder of Light News Institute and Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT) an energy medicine/energy psychology school for subtle energy practitioners. He has taught ICT for over 21 years and has over 500 students and graduates in the U.S. and Canada.

He is Chair of the Board of Trustees and Lead Faculty at CIHS and was one of the first students to attend in 1992. He is an internationally known speaker, ordained minister, traveled globally and has been doing spiritual counseling/healing and offering workshops worldwide for over 30 years.

Dr. Jelusich is the author of books on chakra psychology and metaphysics and has been featured on radio and television.

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