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 2018 Subtle Energy Conference

Illuminating Humanity Through Science
September 15-16, 2018 
California Institute for Human Science
Encinitas, California
Consciousness, Science & Healing Symposium

CIHS’ Consciousness, Science & Healing Symposium has an exciting roster of 15 presenters, including 9 CIHS faculty and students.  Join us to participate in a fascinating variety of presentations into the forefront science of consciousness and healing.  This conference investigates the fundamental nature of subtle energies, consciousness-body interaction, and subtle healing methods. 

Keynote speaker Allan Combs, President of Society for Consciousness Studies will present a thrilling forefront comprehensive overview of the entire field of consciousness studies.  This will lay the foundation for the conference and its sub themes of subtle energies sciences and healing modalities. 


The California Institute for Human Science’s annual Subtle Energy Science Symposium 2018 will be held on CIHS’ beautiful campus in Encinitas, north county San Diego.

CIHS welcomes your participation in our community of scholars. There is exciting work being done at the forefront of consciousness and healing research. This includes studies that explore subtle energy healing and intentionality, research into altered states of consciousness, in-depth research into ancient and contemporary healing practices, models of the subtle body, chi energy measuring devices research, and reflections on the ways these insights and praxis may serve to create a more healthful, peaceful, and just society.

These valuable conferences are only presented once yearly and offer to the community a unique gathering of knowledge and awareness.  Take advantage and make your plans to attend this opportunity.

Saturday September 15, 9:30 AM (doors open 9 AM) to 5 PM

Sunday, September 16, 9:30 AM to 3 PM

Registration: $120 / $90 for students.

701 Garden View Court, Encinitas CA 92024





Mapping the Field of Consciousness Studies

This presentation is designed to explore the many contemporary branches of consciousness studies. It examines the history and scope of consciousness studies as it exists today; reviewing Western thinking beginning in classical times and continuing down to the present, highlighting and describing major streams of thought including ideas from ancient Greece, German Idealism, British Empiricism, 20th century European phenomenology, and important contemporary areas of research and scholarship. These include American pragmatism, developmental psychology, transpersonalism, analytic philosophy, computationalism, neural networks, and quantum physics. The workshop will also briefly explore possible future trends in the study of consciousness such as post and transhumanism. Eastern philosophy is recognized but not explored in depth at this time.

Allan Combs is a consciousness researcher, neuropsychologist, systems theorist, and a generalist in the field of consciousness studies. He has taught graduate courses about consciousness since the 1980s, winning the National Teaching Award of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs. He is the author of over 200 articles, chapters, and books on consciousness, and Editor of the journal Consciousness: Ideas and Research for the Twenty First Century. Professor Combs holds appointments at The California Institute of Integral Studies and The Graduate Institute of Connecticut. He is the Director of the CIIS Center for Consciousness Studies and founder and President of the Society for Consciousness Studies.

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