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The primary focus of the Integral Studies Program is to provide the student with the opportunity to take either a multi-disciplinary or specialized approach to the study of the human condition and experience that includes body, mind, and spirit. The curriculum of the Integral Studies Program provides a grounding in science, natural science, research methods, philosophy, psychology, and religion, the emphasis depending on the chosen by the student. With this basic foundation, the student is encouraged to undertake either qualitative or quantitative research into the nature and breadth of human experience.

The program is designed primarily as a Bachelor’s completion degree. Ideally students will come with their General Education or Lower Level units completed, although we will offer these courses if a demand occurs. 

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Integral Studies is designed to provide undergraduate level instruction from an integral view combining mind, body and spirit perspectives. Elective coursework allows students to follow a major area of interest within this field.

The program is intended for students wishing to embark on an academic career in integral studies with an emphasis in psychology, holistic health, or religious studies at the Institute.


Please note that CIHS is a California approved school by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) and is not accredited. Eligibility to transfer credits may be affected and is determined by each governing institution. The completion program is ideally designed to roll into the CIHS masters.

  • PLO 1: Understand diverse studies in the human sciences and articulate their transdisciplinary nature, including psychology, integral health, and consciousness studies [ILO 1, 5]

  • PLO 2: Explain empathic and formal communication informed by human interaction, scholarly sources, and basic qualitative and quantitative research [ILO 2, 5]

  • PLO 3: Compare philosophical and scientific paradigms that advance systematic approaches to wellbeing [ILO 3]

  • PLO 4: Identify and prioritize problems in the human sciences in an integrally informed manner [ILO 4]

A high school diploma is a prerequisite for entering a Bachelor’s program, or credits from an approved college up to a maximum of 135 units. The Bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 180 quarter units 45 units of which must be completed at the California Institute for Human Sciences.

Courses completed with a grade of D or higher will be considered for transfer credit. Only courses completed with a grade of C or higher will apply to the major.  A minimum of 45 units is required to enter the program and a maximum of 135 units will be accepted for transfer.

A minimum of 45 quarter units of mainly general education courses must be completed including mathematics, writing, and oral communication The general education component requires a minimum of 15 units from Humanities and Fine Arts, 15 from Social or Behavioral Sciences, and a minimum of 15 units from the Physical or Natural Sciences.

Upper Division Courses - Courses will depend on transferred units or the program, and the majors (psychology, integral health, life physics or religious studies), which the student has decided to follow. The categories include: Biosciences, Psychology or Spiritual and Philosophical Studies depending on the student’s major course area, and whether the student intends to continue in one of the CIHS graduate programs.

Graduate Linked Credits - this allows students who have progressed well in their studies and intend to proceed to earn an M.A. degree at CIHS. It gives students an opportunity to link bachelors and master’s degree courses where graduate and undergraduate studies are compatible, and the student’s course work is of an adequate standard. 

Core Curriculum


  • BIS 200 Fundamental Academic Writing Skills for the Human Sciences (5 units)

  • BIS 201 Introduction to Integral Studies (5 units)

  • BIS 202 Introduction to Consciousness Studies (5 units)

  • BIS 203 Senior Project (5 units)




  • BIS 205 Critical Thinking (5 units)

  • BIS 206 Integral Perspectives on Health (5 units)

  • BIS 207 Independent Studies (5 units)

  • BIS 208 Topics of Special Interest (5 units)



  • BIS 303 Introduction to Communication and Counseling (5 units)

  • BIS 305 Family (5 units)

  • BIS 307 The Study of Personality (5 units)

  • BIS 308 Human Sexuality (5 units)

  • BIS 309 Human Development and Archetypes (5 units)

  • BIS 317 Professional Ethics (5 units)

  • BIS 318 Introduction to Substance Abuse (5 units)

  • BIS 322 Psychology of Mind Body Energy (5 units)

  • BIS 325 Social and Cultural Influences (5 units)

  • BIS 333 Introduction to Energy Psychology (5 units)

  • BIS 364 Transpersonal Psychology (5 units)

Comparative Religion and Philosophy


  • BIS 401 Overview of Major World Religions (5 units)

  • BIS 404 Spiritual Education (5 units)

  • BIS 422 Meditation (5 units)

  • BIS 423 Buddhist Concepts (5 units)

  • BIS 427 Hinduism (5 units)

  • BIS 463 Shamanism (5 units)

  • BIS 464 Christian Mysticism (5 units)

  • BIS 477 Hatha Yoga: Philosophy, Practice and Liberation (5 units)



  • BIS 412 Introduction to Subtle Energies (5 units)

  • BIS 421 Basic Notions of Biophysics (5 units)

  • BIS 425 Anatomy & Physiology (5 units)

  • BIS 426 Electrophysiology & Biofeedback (5 units)

  • BIS 428 Quantum Theory (5 units)

  • BIS 429 Quantum Concepts in Biology and Consciousness (5 units)

  • BIS 470 Basic Concepts of Homeopathy (5 units)

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