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The Center for Lifelong Learning offers Continuing Education, non-degree seeking courses, workshops, and events. Students may enroll in a single course or workshop during the enrollment period stipulated for each program.

Registration for Individual Courses: You may apply as a non-degree seeking student using the form below. As a Continuing Education student, you will be allowed to register for classes under the AUDIT (non-degree seeking) status at CIHS. Under the AUDIT status, students may register for any of the courses we teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To apply as a Continuing Education student, you must submit the following:

  • Online application

  • Application fee $65


We do not require transcripts or any additional documents. Once the application is approved, students may register for any of the courses in the regular quarter sessions. Please visit the following links for information on dates and tuition fees:

Upon successful completion of the course(s), students may request a transcript. The transcripts will show AUDIT as the grade to reflect the non-degree seeking status.

Converting Continuing Education (Audit) courses into a degree-seeking program: If a student intends to change status from non-degree seeking to degree-seeking, the audited courses can be converted into credit units after the student completes the regular admission process for a degree and has been admitted. Additionally, a payment of a $220 (per 4-unit course) transcript-processing fee will be required. This process must be completed within a year of auditing the course and a maximum of 16 units may be converted from non-degree to degree-seeking status. For more information regarding the admissions requirements to our degree programs, please visit

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