Dr. Romeo A. Quini

Romeo A. Quini, M.D. was born in the Philippines. He conducted a busy solo surgical practice for almost 30 years in San Diego before retiring from surgery in 1999. He was perhaps the first physician to incorporate acupuncture in Western medical practice in the early 1970s. He performed a major surgery in San Diego with acupuncture anesthesia a major accomplishment in the utilization of acupuncture in Western medicine. Currently, he conducts a limited practice in integrated medicine, wherein he combines the best of Western and Eastern medicine to provide longetivity and preventive medicine.

As a young medical practitioner in little villages in the Philippines, he worked with herbalists and “barefoot doctors.” He saw the pendulum of medical practice swing into the modern era of invasive procedures when he trained and practiced general surgery in the United States. Now he can see medicine starting to swing back into alternative non-invasive practices.

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