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Masato Kashiwakura

Board Member


B.A., Bachelor of Architecture, Tokyo University, 1971


Masato Kashiwakura first joined the CIHS community as the Board Member in 2003 by the request of CIHS Founder Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, who understands the importance of work experience both in USA and Japan.

Masato Kashiwakura is an architectural engineer and has worked in construction industry, both in USA and Japan, for more than 50 years. He has worked in construction industry of USA for 13 years: for 8years as project management level and for 5 years as President/CEO. He also worked in construction industry of Japan for 38 years, and for 10 years as President/CEO.

Prior to his administrative positions both in Japan and USA, he worked as General Manager of several different Department of the Corporate Head-quarter.

As a Board Member, Masato is committed to realizing Dr. Motoyama`s vision that CIHS become the world`s premier center for mind-body-spirit education and research.

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