We are a mind, body, spirit university that provides students with a multi-dimensional academic experience that bridges science and spirituality. We are a graduate school and research center, as well as a public learning community, on a mission to illuminate humanity through research-informed programs in psychology, comparative religion and philosophy, and integral health. We strive to equip and matriculate students with a deeper understanding of the nature of reality; and with the skill set to contribute to the betterment and sustainability of a global society.

CIHS faculty and academic consultants are recognized leaders in the fields of energy healing, integral studies and consciousness expansion research. They are distinguished professionals with decades of working experience in their fields of expertise, which means that CIHS students receive an education that moves theory into practice. 


CIHS is committed to inspiring students to excel in all aspects of life by educating the whole person. The major aim of our academic programs is to study the body, mind, and spirit as an integrated whole.

Adult Students


Offered on campus and online

Bachelor's Completion Program - Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies

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The primary focus of the Integral Studies Program is to provide the student with the opportunity to take either a multi-disciplinary or specialized approach to the study of the human condition and experience that includes body, mind, and spirit. The curriculum of the Integral Studies Program provides a grounding in science, natural science, research methods, philosophy, psychology, and religion, the emphasis depending on the chosen by the student. With this basic foundation, the student is encouraged to undertake either qualitative or quantitative research into the nature and breadth of human experience.

Master of Arts in Integral Health​

Meditation by the Sea

The core curriculum of the Integral Health M.A. program is designed to provide the graduate student with a foundation in Global Philosophical traditions, consciousness studies, and the basics of research methodology. The student first completes the core master’s level courses in Integral Health and designs their own concentration by choosing elective courses in Integral Health or from other M.A. programs (Psychology, and Integral Noetic Sciences) in consultation with the program director. After completion of the course work, the Master’s Thesis is the capstone project.

Master of Arts in Integral Noetic Sciences

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The M.A. curriculum is designed to provide scholarly training in the exploration of noetic sciences; the historical study of consciousness, philosophy of mind, contemplative and esoteric traditions, and subtle energy anatomy; an in-depth examination of our current historical moment and how noetic science can contribute to a better world; as well as providing expert guidance and instruction in contemplative practices and philosophical inquiry (e.g., INS 504/704 Spiritual Education). The M.A. program is a stand-alone program, yet at the same time it provides invaluable educational preparation for the Institute’s Ph.D. program in Integral Noetic Sciences.

Master or Arts in Psychology

Holding Hands

The Master of Arts in Psychology program is designed to provide entry-level graduate students with a solid grounding in the basic foundations of psychology. Upon  successful completion of the core curriculum, students fulfill the remaining degree requirements by taking courses in substantive areas in psychology in order to meet requirements and also satisfy their specific needs and desires. The general psychology program as well as the integral track prepare the student to enter the doctoral programs at CIHS, including the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology. The M.A. program prepares students for practitioner roles or for doctoral study through an interdisciplinary track that emphasizes general psychology, integral psychology, and Integral Noetic Sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Health

Healing Stones

The doctoral program in Integral Health has been designed to foster the following aims: 

  • to present a course of study, which allows for the development of a sophisticated grasp of convergences and divergences in Eastern and Western thought in medicine, science, religion, and philosophy, and for synthetic-integrative possibilities, 

  • to provide training in a range of devices which yield physical data bearing upon manifestations of body-mind-sprit in operation, 

  • to apply and expand scientific forms of investigation to incorporate study of “paranormal” aspects of human life, and to show how such phenomena can be assimilated into religious thought and philosophy, 

  • to provide an opportunity for students with the appropriate educational preparation to conduct a substantial research project which contribute to the goal of Integral Health.

Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Noetic Studies

Outdoor Meditation

The aim of the Ph.D. Program in Integral Noetic Sciences is to provide advanced coursework in a scholarly study at the intersection of philosophy of science, consciousness studies, and contemplative traditions; to advance training in spiritual, esoteric, and contemplative practices; to foster relevant mixed methods research; and additionally, to offer opportunities for elective coursework in other departments which can enhance the student’s overall understanding of  the discipline of contemplative practice and philosophical inquiry.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Rock Balancing

The aim of the Ph.D. program in Psychology is to provide advanced coursework that addresses core issues in clinical psychology as a treatment and research area. In addition to the state course requirements for licensure, CIHS’ Ph.D. provides elective coursework opportunities in the field of psychology. Areas in which psychology overlaps with other disciplines are frequently addressed.  Furthermore, in addition to the traditional clinical psychology curriculum, an emphasis on consciousness, spirituality, and holistic treatment is included.
The aim of the program is the understanding and application of consciousness and its relationship to the domains of mind, body, and spirit. The focus, thus, is holistic and integrative, in sync with the mission and principles of CIHS itself.