Life Physics

The degree programs in Life Physics emphasize the body component in the tridimensional model of human life (aka the body-mind-spirit interconnection) upon which CIHS was founded.  The tridimensional theory does not view the body as an isolated dimension of the human being. Life Physics focuses on objective physical measurement, instrumentation, and energy theories aimed at elucidating the physical manifestations of the body-mind-spirit model. Life Physics strives to not lapse into unidimensional (unilateral) reductionism, which seems to be characteristic of conventional, mainstream science, including modern medicine.

The subtle energies theory refers to ontological features of the human life, which fall outside the scope of what has been so far accepted by mainstream scientists. However, it has been theorized that scientific studies of the meridian points and ki energy, for instance, may help prove the existence of new forms of energy which obey their own set of laws and yet interact with types of energy already accepted by conventional physics. The aim of Life Physics programs is to prepare students to conduct scholarly research into the field of subtle energy.

Master of Arts – IH Specialization in Life Physics

Ph.D. – IH Specialization in Life Physics



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