Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology *Integral Psychology emphasis

Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) graduate quarter units beyond the Master’s Degree are required to complete the Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Integral Psychology. The number of core courses and quarter units (including dissertation) required would depend on the number of core courses that students have completed at the Masters Level.


Required for all Ph.D. students (unless the courses have been completed at the Masters level).

PSY 701            Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)
PSY 702            Consciousness Studies (4 units)
PSY 703*          Counseling & Communications Skills (4 units)
PSY 704*          Spiritual Education (4 units)
PSY 705***      Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (4 units)
PSY 706***      Advanced Quantitative Research Methods(4 units)
PSY 896             Dissertation Topic Research (5 units)
PSY 897             Dissertation Methodology Review (5 units)
PSY 898A           Dissertation I (6 units)
PSY 898B           Dissertation II (6 units)

* PSY785 Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for PSY703

** Additional units may be taken as electives

***Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Research Statistics are a prerequisite to Advanced Research courses. Students may take one or both of these two courses depending on their research interests.


PSY 736           Psychology of the Chakras (4 units)
PSY 609           Human Development and Archetypes (4 units)
PSY 749           Clinical Aspects of Energy Psychology (4 units)
PSY 750          Energy Psychology: Foundations & Therapy (4 units)
PSY 751           Psychoacoustics (4 units)
PSY 754           Pranic Healing (4 units)
PSY 755           Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) (4 units)
PSY 756           Meditation Practice, Guided Imagery, & Alternative Techniques to Complement Psychotherapy (4 units)
PSY 763           Psychology of Shamanism (4 units)
PSY 764           Transpersonal Psychology (4 units)
PSY 784           Ecopsychology (4 units)
PSY 790           Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)
PSY 799           Independent Study (4-12 units

Advancement to Candidacy

Ph.D. students must take a comprehensive written or oral examination in order to be allowed to enroll in pre- dissertation or dissertation courses. The comprehensive examination is taken after students have successfully completed sixty-eight (68) course credits.  Students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, who intend to obtain clinical licensing, may be allowed to take the comprehensive examination after completing forty-eight (48) credit units, thirty-six (36) or more of which must be clinical course credits.  For additional information on the comprehensive examination, doctoral dissertation guidelines, or other graduation requirements, please contact your program director.


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