Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Health

Learning Objectives

The doctoral program in Integral Health has been designed to foster the following aims: (1) to present a course of study which allows for the development of a sophisticated grasp of convergences and divergences in Eastern and Western thought in medicine, science, religion, and philosophy, and for synthetic-integrative possibilities, (2) to provide training in a range of devices which yield physical data bearing upon manifestations of body-mind-sprit in operation, (3) to apply and expand scientific forms of investigation to incorporate study of “paranormal” aspects of human life, and to show how such phenomena can be assimilated into religious thought and philosophy, (4) to provide an opportunity for students with the appropriate educational preparation to conduct a substantial research project which contribute to the  goal  of Integral Health.


Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Health requires ninety-four (94) graduate quarter units, 72 units of course work including ten core courses (40 units), and 22 units of Dissertation sequence.  Core courses completed at the Masters level do not have to be repeated, and they may be applied toward the Doctoral course requirements to a maximum of 16 quarter units, except the Spiritual Education requirement is to be fulfilled at both Masters and Doctoral level.  Elective course units, beyond the core courses, may be completed by drawing upon the Integral Health, Psychology, Life Physics, and Comparative Religion and Philosophy curricula.


Advancement to Candidacy is a formal step in the Ph.D. program. Eligibility for the Advancement to Candidacy examination consists of successful completion of all coursework (72 units) except IH 896, IH 897, and 2 research based papers. Please see Advancement to Candidacy,(p. 5)..




IH 700           Academic Writing Within the Human Sciences    (4 units)

IH 701           Foundations in Integral Studies   (4 units)

IH 702           Consciousness Studies    (4 units)

IH 703*         Counseling and Communication Skills  (4 units)

IH 704**       Spiritual Education   (4 units)

IH 705***     Advanced Qualitative Research Methods    (4 units)

IH 706***     Advanced Quantitative Research Methods    (4 units)

IH 708****   Introduction to AMI Research     (4 units)

IH 740*****  Paradigms of Health and Disease   (4 units)

IH 752******Subtle Energy Systems I: Consciousness, Dynamics, and the Subtle Body            (4 units)

IH 896           Dissertation Topic Research                  (5 units)

IH 897           Dissertation Methodology Review       (5 units)

IH 898A        Dissertation I                                            (6 units)

IH 898B        Dissertation II                                           (6 units)

* If Counseling and Communication Skills was taken at the MA level, then Integral Spiritual Coaching needs to be taken at the PhD level or vice versa.

** Additional units of this course may be taken as electives.

***Either IH705, IH706 or both, in consultation with program director.  IH505 Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research (or the equivalent) is prerequisite to both Advanced Research Methods, students who have not completed IH505 will be required to take it.

****Or other lab class with approval of program director.

*****Or Integral Perspectives on Health.

******Or IH753 Subtle Energy Systems II: Consciousness, Cosmology, and the Subtle World.




IH 790           Topics of Special Interest                   (4-8 units)

IH 799           Independent Study                            (2-12 units)


CRP 731       Karma, Reincarnation and the Survival of Consciousness   (4 units)


LP 700          AMI Data Interpretation & Diagnosis  (4 units)

LP 722          Advanced Biofeedback and Neurofeedback    (4 units)

LP 712          Subtle Energy Devices and Research   (4 units)



PSY 753       Energy Psychology                                  (4 units)

PSY 764       Transpersonal Psychology                     (4 units)


Other Electives may be taken from any department with the approval and direction of the Program Director and/or Academic Dean.



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