Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Religion & Philosophy

The Ph.D. program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy provides a whole range of opportunities for spiritual practices. Students research into- and compare Eastern and Western worldviews, philosophies, and religions, including mainstream and indigenous spiritual practices.


The Ph.D. Program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy is aimed at:

  1. Providing scholarly instruction in Eastern and Western religions and philosophies;
  2. Fostering scholarly research in the fields of spirituality and philosophy;
  3. Offering opportunities for elective course credits that could be taken at other educational institutions and/or in other CIHS graduate departments;
  4. Enhancing students’ personal experience of integral spirituality;
  5. Sensitizing students to different views of reality and human existence;
  6. Encouraging personal spiritual experiences.

Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Religion and Philosophy requires ninety-four (94) graduate quarter units, 72 units of course work including seven core courses (36 units), and 22 units of Dissertation sequence.  Core course units completed at the Masters level do not have to be repeated, and they may be applied toward the Doctoral course requirements to a maximum of 16 quarter units, except the Spiritual Education requirement is to be fulfilled at both Masters and Doctoral level.  Elective course units, beyond the core courses, may be completed by drawing upon the Comparative Religion and Philosophy electives and from the Institute’s other programs.


Advancement to Candidacy is a formal step in the Ph.D. program. Eligibility for the Advancement to Candidacy examination consists of successful completion of all coursework (68 units) except CRP 896, CRP 897, and two research based papers prior (or concurrent to) enrollment in the first of the Dissertation sequence. Please see Advancement to Candidacy (p. 5)..


Doctor of philosophy in Comparative Religion and Philosophy courses


CRP 700*    Academic Writing Within the Human Sciences                 (4 units)

CRP 701       Foundations in Integral Studies             (4 units)

CRP 702       Consciousness Studies                           (4 units)

CRP 703**   Counseling & Communication Skills   (4 units)

CRP 704*** Spiritual Education                                 (4 units)

CRP 713       Advanced Qualitative Research Methods                        (4 units)

CRP 715       Study of Eastern and Western Religions: Philosophy and Ethics                            (4 units)

CRP 718       Study of Eastern and Western Religions: Metaphysics and Healing                       (4 units)

CRP 730        Religion, Spirituality, and the Global Society: Foundations and Methods         (4 units)

CRP 896       Dissertation Topic Research                  (5 units)

CRP 897       Dissertation Methodology Review       (5 units)

CRP 898A    Dissertation I                                            (6 units)

CRP 898B    Dissertation II                                           (6 units)


*If taken at the MA level, this course does not need to be repeated.

**If Counseling and Communication Skills was taken at the MA level, then Integral Spiritual Coaching needs to be taken at the PhD level or vice versa.

***Additional units can be taken as electives



CRP 720       Shamanism and Indigenous Religions  (4 units)

CRP 723        Buddhism                                                 (4 units)

CRP 724        Christian Mysticism                               (4 units)

CRP 725        Islam                                                          (4 units)

CRP 726       Judaism                                                   (4 units)

CRP 727        Hinduism                                                  (4 units)

CRP 728        Taoism                                                      (4 units)

CRP 729       Mysticism                                               (4 units)

CRP 731       Karma & Reincarnation and Survival of Consciousness               (4 units)

CRP 745       Integral Spiritual Coaching                    (4 units)

CRP 764       Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychology (4 units)

CRP 790       Topics of Special Interest                   (4-8 units)

CRP 799       Independent Study                           (2-12 units)



CRP 714        Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Subtle Energy System               (4 units)

CRP 770        Human Musculoskeletal System in Yoga                                              (4 units)

CRP 771       Yoga and Nutrition                          (4 units)

CRP 772       Introduction to Ayurveda               (4 units)

CRP 773       Introduction to Yoga Philosophy   (4 units)

CRP 774       Theories of the Chakras                  (4 units)

CRP 775       Toward a Superconsciousness: Foundations of Spiritual Evolution      (4 units)

CRP 776       Meridian Exercise                            (2-4 units)

CRP 777       Hatha Yoga                                        (2-4 units)

CRP 778       Yin Yoga                                            (2-4 units)

CRP 779       Meditation                                         (2-4 units)





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