Principles of CIHS

As a community of learning, CIHS seeks to fulfill its mission by participating in three kinds of activity. It educates undergraduate and graduate students; it promotes research into the areas of life physics, psychology, comparative religion and philosophy, and integral health; and it strives to contribute to the betterment of the larger community.

CIHS seeks:

●  To Promote a Society which Enhances the Integration of Science and Religion

●  To Understand Human Existence from the Total Perspective of Body, Mind and Spirit

●  To Establish Guiding Principles for the Citizens of the Global Society

●  To Establish Energy Medicine, which will Prevent Diseases and Promote Health

●  To Elucidate the Mechanism of the Correlation Between Mind and Body, and to Actualize Mental Control over Body and Matter with a Resulting Better Life

●  To Systematize Scientific and Objective Meditational Practices, which will Promote Spiritual Growth

●  To Establish a Society which Satisfies both the Individuality (Freedom and Rights) and Sociality (Morality and Coexistence) of Human Existence

●  To Establish a Creative Science which Researches the Mind and Soul as well as Matter



    Discover books by CIHS Faculty, including the many books by CIHS Founder, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyoma.

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