Dr. Roger Cavnaugh

Dr. Roger Cavnaugh is an experienced, highly intuitive, and compassionate psychologist, and a powerful healer. He teaches core clinical courses in the doctoral program at CIHS as well as classes in Consciousness, Integral Studies and Shamanism. His work, The Awakened Heart, is a multifaceted approach to personal development and spiritual growth that draws from three decades of working with the healing methods and spiritual traditions of non-western cultures in concert with the most contemporary professional practices. Dr. Cavnaugh has a private practice in La Jolla and conducts phone sessions with clients across the United States and abroad. Dr. Cavnaugh’s expertise is in treating relationship issues, spiritual challenges, life transitions, addictions, crises, and trauma. In addition, Dr. Cavnaugh conducts retreats, facilitates groups and offers vision quest adventures for those who seek to expand their capacity to affirm life and themselves as they embrace and live their True Nature.

Dr. Cavnaugh can be reached at rogercavnaugh@gmail.com .


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