Dr. Hope Phillips Umansky

Dr. Hope Phillips Umansky obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a MA in General Psychology from the California Institute of Human Science. Some of the clinical work she has done was an extensive phenomenological research study on child development and resilience for which she has developed and conducted workshops. She developed a research model of the specific skill set parents can provide children to help them overcome childhood trauma and become resilient adults. Dr. Umansky also obtained extensive clinical experience working in the city’s largest trauma center on the psychiatric emergency team and counseling patients throughout the hospital. Dr. Umansky has also worked at nonprofit counseling centers treating court-ordered domestic violence offenders and providing individual and group therapy to the survivors of domestic violence.

Additionally, Dr. Umansky holds a Master’s in literature and 20th Century American cultural studies, and she is passionate about progressive education. She teaches writing, academic research, and general psychology/sociology classes as adjunct faculty at the University of Phoenix San Diego Campus. She is excited to bring her multi-disciplined approach to the field to CIHS. She believes that a world filled with students who are educated within this new paradigm will be a better world. To that end, she is thrilled to dedicate her passion to CIHS’s clinical psychology program and overall mission.


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