Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a well-known Japanese scholar, was born in Japan in 1925. Dr. Motoyama graduated from the Tokyo University of Literature and Science with Ph.D. degrees in Philosophy and Physiological Psychology, and was awarded a prestigious prize for his work in the comparative study of Eastern and Western mysticism.

Dr. Motoyama is both a scientist trained in empirical methodology and a psychic who has experientially gained deep philosophical knowledge. He is the head Shinto priest of the Tamamitsu Shrine in Tokyo, and a yogi well-versed in the yoga treatises. His scientific endeavors resulted in the establishment of the Institue for Religious Psychology, a research facility (1960), and the International Association for Religion and Parapsychology, an international organization whose members are not only composed of scientists in theses and related fields, but are from diverse professions (1972). For the purpose of specialized research in the field of life physics, the Motoyama Institute for Life Physics was established in 1990. Dr. Motoyama is the author of over 50 books (Japanese and other languages) and numerous monographs and papers, and has traveled widely throughout the world, participating in conferences and workshops, and presenting his work.

In recognition of his important work in the field, he was awarded the McDougall Research Fund Award from Duke University in 1962, selected as one of the world’s leading parapsychologists by UNESCO in 1974, recognized as an “ordinary academician” by the Instituto di Cultura Universitaria e di Studi Superiori, Academia Tiberina in 1977 and awarded Dr. J. B. Rhine Biennial Research Award in 1996. He has also been honored by several renowned scientific and religious organizations. He serves as an advisor/lecturer to various international associations and institutes, and as a member of the editorial board of international journals in related fields.

In 1980, he established the Motoyoma-Bentov Fund Research Fellowship to assist promising scientists who wish to study human existence in its holistic sense.In 1991, he established the Southern California Institute Japan Branch (Graduate School) in Tokyo. In 1992, he established California Institute for Human Science in the hope of 1) elucidating the mechanism of the correlation between mind and body; 2) understanding the human mind (unconscious, conscious, superconscious); 3) synthesizing Eastern and Western religions; and 4) synthesizing Eastern and Western medicine (energy medicine and health science). He invites reputable researchers and scholars as professors of the school in order to educate promising researchers. Dr. Motoyama established CIHS in the belief that this project is important for the realization of a global society – one which will require individuals with mental and spiritual development.

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