Doctor of Philosophy in Life Physics



The Ph.D. in Life Physics prepares the student for advanced research on subtle energies and integral or holistic medicine. The body as a whole is in constant communication with itself through a web of nervous connections, biochemical messengers, and subtle communication systems such as the meridian system. On-campus students are introduced to lab experiments and hands-on training.




The core courses in the Life Physics Ph.D. program provide students with advanced information on bioelectromagnetics, geocosmic phenomena, Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI), meridian research, bioenergy and biofeedback, as well as advanced research methodologies applied to quantitative or qualitative research. 



Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) graduate quarter units beyond the Master's Degree are required for the completion of the Ph.D. in Life Physics. Seventy (70) required graduate units are earned by the completion of sixteen (16) courses including dissertation units. The other units are completed by taking elective courses in Life Physics or in other CIHS programs with the program directorís approval.


Students who enter this Ph.D. program with a Master's Degree in a related field may be required to take prerequisite courses. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in Life Physics are required to take the Advancement to Candidacy Examination after successfully completing all coursework, except LP 896, 897, and the dissertation sequence.  The Advancement to Candidacy examination covers the contents of coursework required in the Ph.D. program. A satisfactory performance on this exam is required before students are allowed to take LP 896.


Besides fulfilling the Institute's general admission requirements, applicants to the Ph.D. program in Life Physics must hold a Master's Degree in one of the course requirements for the Masterís Degree in Life Physics.




LP 701         Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)

LP 703*        Counseling and Communication Skills (4 units)

LP 704**      Spiritual Education (4 units)

LP 705***     Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (4 units)

LP 706***     Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (4 units)

LP 707         Basic Notions of Biophysics (4 units)

LP 708         Introduction to AMI Research (4 units)

LP 710         Paradigms of Health and Disease (4 units)

LP 711         Survey of Complementary Medicine (4 units)

LP 712         Advanced Studies in Human Subtle Energy Detection (4 units)

LP 713         Energy Medicine Topics (4 units)

LP 714         Traditional Chinese Medicine and Subtle Energy Systems (4 units)

LP 725         Anatomy & Physiology (4 units)

LP 740         Bio-psychology (4 units)

LP 896         Dissertation Topic Research (5 units)

LP 897         Dissertation Methodology Review (5 units)

LP 898A       Dissertation I (6 units)

LP 898B       Dissertation II (6 units)

* PSY785 Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for LP 703

** Additional units of this course may be taken as electives.

***Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Research Statistics are prerequisite to Advanced Research courses. Students may take one or both of these two courses depending on their research interests.



LP 700         Research with the AMI (4 units)

LP 702         Advanced Consciousness Studies (4 units)

LP 722         Advanced Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (4 units)

LP 723         Advanced Meridian Research using the AMI (4 units)

LP 724         Physical Structure and Bioelectrical Properties of the skin (4 units)

LP 725         Advanced Consciousness Studies (4 units)

LP 726         Biophoton Research (4 units)

LP 727         Neuroacoustic Therapy (4 units

LP 728         Quantum Physics Concepts for Biology (4 units)

LP 729         Devices for Human Subtle Energy Detection (4 units)

LP 734         Advanced Study of Skin Structure and Bioelectric Property (4 units)

LP 751         Psychoacoustics (4 units)

LP 775         Measurement of Meridian Signal Frequency and Electric Potential (6 units)

LP 776         Measurement of Signal Transmission Speed (6 units)

LP 777         Biophoton Application (4 units)

LP 778         EEG and Differential Amplifier (6 units)

LP 779         Developing the Chakras (6 units)

LP 790         Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)

LP 799         Independent Study (2-12 units)


Other courses from any school or department may be taken as electives with the approval of the program director.


Advancement to Candidacy

Ph.D. students must take a comprehensive written or oral examination in order to be allowed to enroll in pre- dissertation or dissertation courses. The comprehensive examination is taken after students have successfully completed sixty-eight (68) course credits.  Students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, who intend to obtain clinical licensing, may be allowed to take the comprehensive examination after completing forty-eight (48) credit units, thirty-six (36) or more of which must be clinical course credits.  For additional information on the comprehensive examination, doctoral dissertation guidelines, or other graduation requirements, please contact your program director.




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