Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Health



The Ph.D. program in Integral Health provides graduate students with academic opportunities to compare and contrast Eastern and Western views on medicine, science, and spirituality. Students will conduct research into “paranormal” aspects of human life.




The Ph.D. program in Integral Health has been designed to foster the following aims:


1. To present a course of study which allows for the understanding of the convergences and divergences between Eastern and Western views on medicine, science, religion, philosophy, and synthetic-integrative possibilities;

2. To provide students with training in a range of devices which yield physical data on body-mind-spirit interrelations.

3. To foster scientific inquiry into paranormal aspects of human life;

4. To recognize how paranormal phenomena are assimilated into religion and philosophy;

5. To provide an opportunity for students to conduct research projects in Integral Health.



Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) graduate quarter units beyond the Master's degree are required to complete the Ph.D. in Integral Health. The program calls for forty-six (46) required units taken in ten (10) courses if these courses have not been completed at the Master’s level. The remaining forty-four (44) units may be taken by drawing upon the Psychology, Life Physics, and Comparative Religion and Philosophy curricula.


Advancement to Candidacy is a formal step in the Ph.D. program. Eligibility for the Advancement to Candidacy examination consists of successful completion of all coursework sixty-eighty (68) units except HUS 896, HUS 897, and dissertation.




IH 701             Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)

IH 702             Consciousness Studies (4 units)

IH 703*            Counseling and Communication Skills (4 units)

IH 704**           Spiritual Education (4 units)

IH 705***         Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (4 units)

IH 706***         Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (4 units)

IH 708             Introduction to AMI Research (4 units)

IH 740             Bio-psychology (4 units)

IH 896             Dissertation Topic Research (5 units)

IH 897             Dissertation Methodology Review (5 units)

IH 898A           Dissertation I (6 units)

IH 898B           Dissertation II (6 units)

* PSY785 Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for IH 703

** Additional units of this course may be taken as electives.

***Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Research Statistics are prerequisite to Advanced Research courses. Students take one of these two courses depending on their research interests.



Integral Health Department

IH 790            Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)

IH 799            Independent Study (2-12 units)


Comparative Religion and Philosophy Department

CRP 731        Karma, Reincarnation and the Survival of Consciousness (4 units)


Life Physics Department

LP 720           Research with the Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI) (4 units)

LP 722           Advanced Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (4 units)

LP 729           Devices for Human Subtle Energy Detection (4 units)


Psychology Department

PSY 753        Energy Psychology (4 units)

PSY 764        Transpersonal Psychology (4 units)                       

*Other courses from any department may be taken as electives with the approval of the program director.



Advancement to Candidacy

Ph.D. students must take a comprehensive written or oral examination in order to be allowed to enroll in pre- dissertation or dissertation courses. The comprehensive examination is taken after students have successfully completed sixty-eight (68) course credits.  Students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, who intend to obtain clinical licensing, may be allowed to take the comprehensive examination after completing forty-eight (48) credit units, thirty-six (36) or more of which must be clinical course credits.  For additional information on the comprehensive examination, doctoral dissertation guidelines, or other graduation requirements, please contact your program director.




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