Master of Arts in Integral Health

The core curriculum of the M.A. in Integral Health is designed to provide students with a foundation in Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, consciousness studies and the basics of research methodology.



The masterís in Integral Health has been designed to foster the following aims:


  1. To provide students with a strong foundation in holistic, integral perspectives on health;

  2. To identify Eastern and Western views on human nature and healing.



Degree Requirements

After completing the core courses in Integral Health, students may take elective courses in the Integral Health curriculum or in other CIHS M.A. programs, with the approval of the Integral Health department program director. Students may draw upon the M.A. programs in Life Physics, General Psychology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy to fulfill their elective credits.


Fifty-two (52) graduate quarter units are required to complete the Master of Art degree program in Integral Health. Twenty-eight (28) core curriculum graduate quarter units are earned in seven (7) core courses designed to establish a strong foundation in philosophy and research methodologies. The remaining twenty-four (24) graduate quarter units are earned by completing elective courses in any other department in consultation with the program director.





IH 501           Foundations in Integral Studies  (4 units)

IH 502           Consciousness Studies (4 units)

IH 503*         Counseling & Communication Skills (4 units)

IH 504**        Spiritual Education (4 units)

IH 505           Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research (4 units)

IH 506           Statistics (4 units)

IH 507***       Integral Perspectives on Health (4 units)    

IH 508           Introduction to AMI Research (4 units)

IH 540           Bio-psychology (4 units)

* PSY635 Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for HUS 503

** Additional units may be taken as electives.

*** PSY725 Mind Body Energy Psychology fulfils the requirements for this course



IH 680            Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)

IH 690            Thesis (6 units)

IH 699            Independent Study (2-12 units)



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