Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Religion & Philosophy



The Ph.D. program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy provides a whole range of opportunities for spiritual practices. Students research into- and compare Eastern and Western worldviews, philosophies, and religions, including mainstream and indigenous spiritual practices.




The Ph.D. Program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy is aimed at:


  1. Providing scholarly instruction in Eastern and Western religions and philosophies;

  2. Fostering scholarly research in the fields of spirituality and philosophy;

  3. Offering opportunities for elective course credits that could be taken at other educational institutions and/or in other CIHS graduate departments;

  4. Enhancing studentsí personal experience of integral spirituality;

  5. Sensitizing students to different views of reality and human existence;

  6. Encouraging personal spiritual experiences.



Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) graduate quarter units beyond the Master's Degree are required to complete the Ph.D. program in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. Fifty-Four (54) core units are taken in twelve (12) courses (includes 22 units of dissertation). The remaining 36 units can be selected from the elective course offerings in Comparative Religion and Philosophy, Life Physics, Clinical Psychology, and Integral Health.





CRP 701         Foundations in Integral Studies (4 units)

CRP 702         Consciousness Studies (4 units)

CRP 703*        Counseling and Communication Skills (4 units)

CRP 704**       Spiritual Education (4 units)

CRP 713         Research Methodology for Religious Studies (4 units)

CRP 715         Study of Eastern Religions and Spirituality (4 units)

CRP 718         Study of Western Religions and Spirituality (4 units)

CRP 720         Shamanism and Indigenous Religions (4 units)

CRP 896         Dissertation Topic Research (5 units)

CRP 897         Dissertation Methodology Review (5 units)

CRP 898A       Dissertation I (6 units)

CRP 898B       Dissertation II  (6 units)

* PSY785 Foundations of Life Coaching fulfills the requirements for CRP 703

* *Additional units can be taken as electives



CRP 723         Buddhism (4 units)

CRP 724         Christianity (4 units)

CRP 725         Islam (4 units)

CRP 726         Judaism (4 units)

CRP 727         Hinduism (4 units)

CRP 728         Taoism (4 units)

CRP 729         Mysticism (4 units)

CRP 730         Religion, Spirituality and the Global Society (4 units)

CRP 731         Karma and Reincarnation  (4 units)

CRP 743         Meditation (4 units)    

CRP 745         Integral Spiritual Coaching (4-6 units)

CRP 764         Spiritual & Transpersonal Psychology (4units)

CRP 790         Topics of Special Interest (4-8 units)

CRP 799         Independent Study  (2-12 units)



Advancement to Candidacy

Ph.D. students must take a comprehensive written or oral examination in order to be allowed to enroll in pre- dissertation or dissertation courses. The comprehensive examination is taken after students have successfully completed sixty-eight (68) course credits.  Students in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, who intend to obtain clinical licensing, may be allowed to take the comprehensive examination after completing forty-eight (48) credit units, thirty-six (36) or more of which must be clinical course credits.  For additional information on the comprehensive examination, doctoral dissertation guidelines, or other graduation requirements, please contact your program director.



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